Competitive economics have changed. Quality, efficiency and price are quickly matched. Striking a flexible balance between functions, company goals and aesthetics defines strategic business differentiation. Generalist with broad experience in the field of innovation, industrial design, design management and general management. Experienced as managing director and interim manager in the B-to-B and B-to-C industry and products. Be different & thinking out of the box. Tangible goals, solid communication. Specialities: Industrial design, corporate identity, design management, innovation, general management.

Michel is an inspirational and creative entrepreneur and mentor focussing on process and product innovation. His passion and strength are to think and operate out of the box, in order to beat competition.

He is also an informal investor and supports entrepreneurs in their quest to progress to the next step. Michel regularly lectures on his broad experience in product development, corporate identity, marketing and sales. He recently published the Dutch book 'Dossier Yepp' (ISBN 123890327810).

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