Lumiance bv (1997-2007)

Business Management

Lumiance produces innovative lighting fixtures for the professional sector and operates under fluctuating international holdings during this time (GTE, SLI Europe, SLI Holdings International LLC), with tight annual budgets and targets. The Lumiance BV (Haarlem) business unit had its own design and engineering department with a laboratory.

Production and assembly were fully outsourced. As Head of product development (1992-1997) and Managing Director (1997-2007), responsible for and directly involved in development, design, production and marketing. A focus on employee welfare, development and appreciation led to the formation of a team within the multidisciplinary environment. Consequently everyone is able to optimally operate and perform.

The operational qualities have been anchored in the ISO 9001 quality management system since 1993 and are expressed, for example, in supply from stock with a high level of service, international quality labels for all products, sustainability and easy installation.